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What not to do. Secrets of the Worst Performing Engineering Marketers

Marketers at the slowest growing companies have shared their marketing plans for 2015.  Maybe their answers can provide insights into what not to do.

Secrets_of_the_Worst_Performing_Engineering_MarketersIn a recent survey we asked engineering marketers where they plan to spend their budgets in 2015.  Will it be on trade shows, print, social media, content creation, or cost per lead campaigns? 

We also asked how fast their companies were growing relative to the competition.  The marketers who said that they were trailing the competition spend their budgets differently than the rest of us.

I wrote about the 2015 plans for the top performers last week.  We will cover all of the survey results in a webinar on Jan 29th.  I hope you can join us.

The worst performing marketers allocate more of their budgets to Trade Shows

Almost all marketers set aside some budget for trade shows.  By the time you add up all of the costs to attend, it’s no surprise that even the lightest budgets are upwards of 10% even for companies that attend the fewest shows. 

But the worst performing marketers, those who said that their companies were growing slower than their competitors, spent on average 26% of their total budget on trade shows compared to almost 16% for the average marketer.

That’s a big difference, and one area that you might want to rethink for 2015 if it’s not too late.

The worst performing marketers spend more on Other Offline campaigns

While all categories of engineering marketers allocate some budget for offline activities, those who lag the rest of the field in performance spend more on other offline campaigns.  By other offline campaigns, I mean projects that are not trade shows, events or print. 

“Other Offline” covers things like seminars and contests.  The marketers at the poorest performing companies allocated approximately 12% of their 2015 budget to these activities as compared to 8.4% for typical engineering marketers.

Join us for a webinar to learn more about engineering marketers plans for 2015

Engineering marketers told us a lot more about their plans for 2015.  Please consider joining us for a special webinar on Jan 29 to get all the details.

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