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Engage with engineers by delivering high-value information through a theme-focused discussion with industry experts and thought-leaders.

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Our Roundtable Video Program!

This exciting new program delivers high-value information through a theme-focused roundtable discussion with industry thought-leaders. Hosted by our professional moderators, 3 to 4 panelists engage in a live-to-tape video session that runs 40-60 minutes. The guests for the events can be sourced from the sponsor, external resources, or internal specialists.

Roundtable videos are produced in our dedicated studio with commercial-grade remote video links to the panelists. A host-guided question format is used to focus on a central theme, and the panelists interact with each other the same as they would during a live roundtable. Lead data is collected and a full report is provided. Each roundtable is available on demand at and the reproduction can be used in your future marketing.

What's Included in Roundtable Videos

  • •  Research and content development
  • •  Roundtable moderation
  • •  Professional video in a studio environment
  • •  Video post-production and editing
  • •  Guaranteed minimum number of registrants
  • •  The video featured in a story on
  • •  Transcription and post-event report
  • •  A perpetual license of the video content
  • •  6 weeks of promotion (social media, e-mail)
Why You Should Use Roundtable Videos



Thought Leadership

Support the important subject matter and conversation for engineers, through a 3rd-party virtual studio that can include your experts (optional).



Brand Awareness

Attach your brand around important themed conversations on a trusted, heavily-frequented platform.



Relevant Traffic

Reach engineering and technical decision-makers and influencers in a new and engaging format.

Web-Based Video Content is Our Specialty
Web-Based Video Demands Attention

According to research compiled by, 87% of digital marketers are currently using web-based video content in their marketing strategy; and 59% of company decision-makers would rather watch live streaming or recorded video content than read an article or blog.

We are Content & Production Experts

Our talented team has created engineering and manufacturing video content for decades and specializes in high-impact webshow production. We can create engaging live content remotely, in-studio, on-location, and even at trade shows or other events. (note: due to the pandemic, most current filming is remote but remains highly-polished and seamless.)

We are the Leader in Engineering Videos
We are a media company with a professional in-house production team exclusively focused on engineering and manufacturing video content. Our expert-hosted web-based shows can cost-effectively increase your company's brand awareness and engagement through the power of thought leadership!
Synergies with Your Other Marketing

Including our web-based video content in your program boosts the effectiveness of content marketing, blogging, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click advertising. Your recording of the event can also be combined with our other products to amplify your thought leadership messages even further. Having content created by comes with our independent and trusted brand name.

Download the Roundtable Video Program Brochure

Roundtable Video Program Thumbnail (30-Nov-2021)

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