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Get More Leads from Your Content

Your marketing team works hard to create high-quality content assets to attract prospects and turn them into qualified leads.

Are those efforts achieving lead targets?  How many more sales leads could you be generating from each asset? Is fishing too often in the same pond starting to turn off your prospects and clients?  Why not tap into our audience, the biggest audience of engineers in the world, and expand into a bigger, fresher pool of prospects?

The MQL Lead Generation Program from was created to maximize the impact of your marketing content.  We'll take your assets and expose them to segments of our 2+ million member audience who match your MQL definition, amplifying the impact of your content marketing many times over.

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Benefits of MQL Lead Generation Program
A Completely Turnkey Lead Generation Solution
You provide the white paper or eBook your team worked hard to produce, and we’ll deliver leads matching your criteria against it.
Saves time and money
Don’t find yourself desperate for leads at the end of quarter, and avoid the guess work of managing pay-per-click programs. Buy only what you need to ensure you meet your cost-per-lead and total lead targets
Pay Only for Leads That Match Your Prospect Criteria
We’ll take your ideal buyer persona and translate those key features into screening questions.  Only leads that match your specific criteria will be delivered to you.
Stay informed with custom reports
While your campaign is running, our team will be in regular contact, providing lead reports and campaign analytics, so you’re aware of how well your asset is performing.
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MQL Lead Generation Program F.A.Q.

Q: How much does this program cost?

Cost-per-lead campaigns vary based on the number of leads purchased.  However, most campaigns run between $5000 and $20,000 on average.  

Q: Does scrub the leads?

Yes.  We make sure the leads we deliver to you are the ones you want.  You don't pay for the rest.  

Q: How many leads will I get?

It entirely depends on your budget and the content you want to use.  We can run campaigns for as few as 100 leads or as many as several thousand.  

Q: How quickly will deliver my requested number of leads?

We'll work towards your desired timeline, but lead generation does take some time.  Expect it to take at least one to two months, and longer for larger orders.  

Q: How will prospects find my asset(s) with  

Your assets will reside on a search engine optimized landing page, will be featured in's recommendation engine, and will be featured and searchable in our Resources Section.  In addition, we'll advertise your report to appropriate segments of our 375k strong email list and also promote it through our social media channels.  

Q: What if I want to use the Lead Generation Program but I don't have my own assets?

That's not a problem.  Our skilled writing staff has the ability to produce top and middle of funnel content such as white papers and eBooks for an additional fee.  You might also be interested in looking into our Sponsored Research Report product.  

Q: What is the cost-per-lead?

The cost-per-lead depends on the segmentation required and your deadlines.  Download the Lead Generation brochure above to learn more.