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Why Host a Webinar?

We provide live webinars as a turnkey solution for your marketing needs. Highly flexible, webinars can be scripted to achieve a range of marketing goals from growing awareness of your product to finding engineers that influence purchasing. Webinars can take a critical topic for your target customers, and by delivering that information in a concise and helpful way, give you immediate credibility. And since all webinars require registration, we can give you a lead report following the event, full of engaged prospects for your sales team.

Producing Great Webinars
  • Our editors will work with you to select a topic. Our webinar manager will guide you through the process, including a dry run with all presenters.
  • Select a subject matter expert to present from within your company or we can arrange one for one from our deep pool of industry analysts and insiders.
  • Specify lead criteria and a registration target to ensure your webinar meets your goals


Getting Attendees
  • Our editor will create a compelling landing page with an outline of the presentation, its value, and a clear call-to-action as to why your prospective customers should attend.
  • We will reach out to all relevant segments of our 2M+ monthly visitors, 300K+ email list, and 1.6M social media followers encouraging them to register.
  • Registration landing pages are themselves created to be search engine optimized and attract relevant prospects.
Practice Makes Perfect
  • Our webinar manager, having run hundred of webinars, will guide your presenter to make sure compelling content is delivered smoothly.  
  • We will conduct a dry run, so presenters understand the schedule and are familiar with our webinar delivery system.
Show Time
  • We conduct a final pre-webinar meeting to make sure everyone is ready, answer any questions, and make sure all systems are operational.  
  • Our editor and web managers will handle any technical difficulties and field questions from the audience, so presenters can focus on delivering their material. 
  • At the end, the editor will ask questions from the audience so presenters can further demonstrate their expertise and connect directly with the attendees.
We Deliver Results
  • After the webinar, we deliver a comprehensive lead report, including engagement metrics identifying the most motivated prospects.
  • You also receive a full recording of the webinar with a perpetual license to leverage in your content marketing.
  • A recording will remain hosted on Our proprietary recommendation engine will continue to send relevant audience members to it long after the webinar is over.
Proudly Used by Industry Leaders
  • Festo
  • maplesoft
  • Epicor
  • Ultimaker

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Live Webinar TN-L

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Webinar F.A.Q.

Q: How many registrants can I expect for my webinar?

We guarantee at least 100 registrants for each webinar, but regularly see from 150 to 300 registrants depending on the industry, subject, and guest speakers.  

Q: What is your webinar attendance like?

Live attendance is typically between thirty and forty percent of total signups.  All registrants are emailed a link following the live broadcast, and many who do not attend the live event will watch later at their own convenience.     

Q: How much do webinars cost?

Webinars begin at $5,000 and can go up to $10,000.

Q: Will people be able to view the webinar after the live broadcast?

Webinars are archived and accessible through the resource section.  Engineers will find them alongside our popular white papers, eBooks, and research reports.

Q: Can I have a copy of the broadcast?

Absolutely.  If you'd like to use the webinar as part of your own marketing efforts we're happy to provide a copy for you to use.