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With extensive editorial expertise spanning many years, we can enhance your team's endeavors by delivering exceptional content that effectively resonates with technical and engineering audiences!

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Leverage our Whitepaper & eBook Creation Services!

Are you struggling to secure technical resources at your company to assist with content creation?  Or, with content you do have, is it not connecting with your target audience  and generating the quality and volume of leads you require? If either of these resonates with you, look no further than engineering.com's content creation services!.

Our team of subject matter experts can help you create whitepapers and eBooks that will engage your ideal buyer personas and drive lead generation. With our complete turnkey solution, you don't have to worry about a thing - simply provide us with the initial direction and we'll take care of the rest. 

Don't settle for mediocre content - partner with engineering.com for your whitepaper & eBook creation needs. Contact us today to learn more.


Our subject matter experts have years of experience in creating high-quality technical content that resonates with engineering minds.


We will promote your content through our platform, reaching a wide audience of engineers and technical professionals.


Marketers are extremely busy. We take care of everything from research to design to delivery and lead generation.


Our content creation services are designed to drive lead generation and engagement, helping you achieve your marketing goals.

How Our Process Works:

Briefing Call:  We'll work with you to understand your topic, target audience, and key points that you would like to capture. This ensures that the content we create is relevant, engaging, and actionable.

Content Creation:  Our team of subject matter experts will research and write your whitepaper or eBook, incorporating best practices in design and formatting to ensure maximum readability and engagement.

Delivery:  We'll communicate a timeline and deliver the final document to you by your deadline for final approval.

Promotion:  With your sign-off, we will host the document on engineering.com and promote your whitepaper or eBook through the platform for maximum exposure.

Leverage:  We also provide a perpetual license so you can use your new asset on your website and for lead nurturing programs.


Should I Choose Whitepapers or eBooks?

Both whitepapers and eBooks can be effective for lead generation and engagement, depending on where the prospect is in the buyer's journey, your target audience, and the content you wish to offer.

Whitepapers are typically more focused on a specific topic and are often more technical, providing in-depth analysis and insights on a particular issue or problem. They are often used to provide thought leadership and establish credibility with potential customers. Whitepapers can be effective for lead generation because they offer valuable information.

On the other hand, eBooks are often more comprehensive and can cover a broader range of topics. In addition, they are often more visually engaging, with enhanced design elements and images. They are used to tell a story or provide a narrative on a particular issue or topic. eBooks can be effective for lead generation because they can offer a more engaging reading experience.

Ultimately, the best type of content to use for lead generation will depend on your specific audience, goals, and messaging. It's important to consider your target audience, their preferences and needs, and the format that best showcases the subject matter (niche vs. broad). eBooks are great early in the buyer's journey to build interest around an issue, trend, or industry, while white papers can provide more depth on a topic and deep dive into a problem as your prospect moves towards a solution.

Testing and analyzing the performance of your content can also help you determine which types of content are most effective for your marketing strategy.  As part of our services, we can run a campaign leveraging different asset types to generate lead and benchmark data for you.

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