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Why Sponsor Research?

Research reports from engineering.com address subjects of critical interest to engineers and are highly coveted by members of the engineering community. Because of this, your sponsorship of a research report has many benefits. First and foremost, you’ll be entitled to all leads generated through downloads of the report for a period of time following publication.    

You’ll also receive a perpetual license to use the research in your own marketing efforts. Your team can create derivative content, such as blog posts, and even host the report on your own site to gather more leads. Finally, as the report’s sponsor, your company will be viewed as an industry leader in the subject of the report, helping to strengthen your brand’s reputation.

Designed to meet your needs.  We offer two types of research reports: i) Interview-Based: Industry research into a trend or technology based on expert insights, interviews,  and first-hand experience, and ii) Survey-Based: Research reports based on polling the engineering.com audience. 

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Marketing Research Products

Industry Research Reports


We turn research by engineering.com subject experts into reports that offer a comprehensive study and insightful analysis of critical interest to your prospects. You can either purchase a sponsorship of a report scheduled for publication or choose to sponsor research on your chosen topic. Each report is thoroughly researched and includes insights derived from interviews with industry insiders. Each piece is written to be the authoritative work on its subject, making it a must-have document for engineering professionals.

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Survey Research Reports

Due to their objectivity and capacity to define and statistically quantify industry trends and norms, survey research reports are highly regarded by engineers. We formulate questions, poll appropriate segments of engineering.com's massive audience, and pore through the results to get valuable insights. Each report is written to answer questions of critical importance to your prospective customers, making it a must-have document -- and a potent lead magnet for you.

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Sponsored Research Report F.A.Q.

Q: How long does it take to create a research report?

You should allow a minimum of 2 months. 

Q: Do research reports focus on my product or business?

No.  Engineering.com research reports are for creating thought leadership within your industry and sharing information your prospects will want to have.  Don't worry though - All research reports are gated, so you'll be able to gather leads through sponsorship.

Q: Can I ask engineering.com to limit the mentioning of my competitors?

You can, but we would advise against it.  It's important to give a clear and objective analysis of the subject of your report, and that should include what other companies in your industry are doing.  

Q: How long are research reports?

It depends on the type of report (Industry Research vs. Survey Research), the subject chosen, and other factors.  Past reports have ranged from 15 pages to upwards of 60 pages.  

Q: Can I ask engineering.com to validate our claims? 

Absolutely. We are happy to act as an independent 3rd party to validate your company's claims about its products, such as ease of use, best fit for a task, etc. However, we don’t guarantee the outcome. Should the outcome not be favorable, you may treat the report as an internal document.  

Q: Are research reports expensive? 

Engineering.com research reports are relatively inexpensive compared to market research products from research consultancies.  Research reports cost between $15,000 and $25,000 per topic.