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Multi-Asset Lead Program Overview

In today’s market, it’s not enough to generate new leads. Engaging those leads and converting them into sales is the ultimate goal. At, we understand that our clients need more than just a high volume of leads. That’s why we’ve developed our Multi-Touch Lead Program.

This unique offering is designed to increase engagement by leveraging a series of assets connected by a topic or narrative. This approach provides context for your target buyers and a “stickiness” that will help generate more leads with higher pipeline potential for your sales team.

Why The Program Works


When someone has engaged with multiple pieces of content from your company, their investment of time is often an excellent indicator of intent.


Virtual relationships get better by reinforcing your brand and providing thought leadership. The more consumption, the stronger the bond and the higher the engagement.


This program leverages your existing content, whether created in-house or by someone else. It’s a great way to stretch the value and shelf life of your previous investments.


By providing content at discreet stages of the buying cycle, you actively nurture prospects with the right information presented at the right times.

How the Program Works:

Planning:  Your team chooses a topic or narrative to serve your lead generation needs best.

Content Management:  We collect 2-4 assets provided by you that align with the buyer’s journey and your theme. Then we display this content on a multi-asset page. Also, our team can create new content to augment what you have if needed. 

Objective:  We aim to get prospects to engage with at least two assets so they are more informed about the topic and aware of you as the sponsor. The primary goal is to create better-qualified leads and a smoother transition to sales.

Campaign Execution:  We use a multi-touch campaign strategy that leverages our entire platform to inform interested prospects. We have multiple ways of serving related content to fuel immersion, ensuring each lead is targeted with exposure to relevant and timely assets.

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Download the Multi-Asset Lead Program Brochure

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