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Why Sponsor Article Content?

The typical engineer spends over 8 hours of their week getting information online. And more of that time is spent on engineering.com than anywhere else. Engineering.com sites attract over 2 million engineers a month. 

When you sponsor an article, your product or service gets in front of this highly engaged audience. Build brand awareness and drive traffic to your site by having our trusted engineering experts write about topics specifically chosen to draw in your target buyers. 

Your article will be search engine optimized, written to encourage social sharing, and have highly segmented traffic driven to it, ensuring maximum exposure to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Specialized Content for Engineering Professionals Gets Widely Read & Shared

Benefits of Future Series Webcasts

Create Brand Awareness
You want engineers to consider your company a leader in your industry. Being featured in a Future Series webcast helps with that. Our engineering audience will think of your company when ready to purchase.
Drive Traffic to Your Site
Encourage and drive interested engineers to click through to your website to explore your company, products, and services.
Inspire Your Content
Meeting your content production goals to fuel a content marketing strategy can be difficult. A Future Series webcast is a great piece of high-quality marquee content that can be used in multiple ways. 
Get Your Story Out There
Your company has a hundred stories and only one website to tell them. Share perspectives from your leadership and senior executives.  Why not tell the entire engineering community - millions of engineers - with engineering.com?
Fill the Funnel
Engineering decision-makers will only purchase after researching a lot of online information. Make sure their searches come up with your product or service  by having it featured on a site they respect and trust.
Punch Above Your Weight

A Sponsored Article will let a product be judged on its merits, not by its marketing budget. If you are going up against big competition, sponsored content helps your product get the same coverage as theirs.

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Simulation Given Unmanned (DSW).jpg
Design Software

Simulation Gives Unmanned Aerial Systems Development Its Wings

By: Ralph Sprang

""Engineers need more and better computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools to design, simulate and analyze increasingly complex components and systems. Purchasing expensive licenses for infrequently used tools can be a tough sell, but the analysis tools can so significantly improve efficiency, quality and time to market that finding a solution is critical."

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Setting Up (manufacturing story).gif

Setting Up an On-Demand Agile Manufacturing Network
By: Ian Wright

"Job shops aren’t what they used to be. Manufacturing was once a family business: fathers training sons in machining and metalworking—sometimes on the same equipment they learned on with their fathers. Though this process may have been complicated by technological advancements, if you needed help or advice it was likely sitting across from you at the dinner table..."

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Internet of Things

New Research Shows IoT at Inflection Point in Product Design
By: Shawn Wasserman

"In 2014, less than 10 percent of consumers had an Internet of Things (IoT) device other than their cellphone. According to new research, 60 percent of product design teams are at least evaluating an IoT product."

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Sponsored Article F.A.Q.

Q: How do you distinguish sponsored content on engineering.com?

Sponsored content is clearly identified. A notice at the end of the article tells the reader an article has been sponsored.

Q: Can I control what a sponsored post says?

Sponsored articles are created under the same high standards as the rest of our content. Engineering.com will write sponsored content independently, fairly, and factually. Opinions and judgement will be our own.  This keeps us trusted by our readers – and creates value to customers that rely on our credibility to promote their products.

Q: Will I see the article before it gets published?

We will submit the article to you for a fact check before publication.

Q: How does sponsored content work with free coverage?

Sponsored content complements free coverage. We remain committed to covering important engineering news as part of our routine free editorial coverage. However, if you have to guarantee coverage or you need an extraordinary amount of it, sponsored content is there for you.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of sponsored articles I can have?

There is no upper limit to the number of sponsored articles. We can generate a lot of story ideas and have hundreds of authors to write them. Several companies use us regularly and frequently to create multiple stories per month.

Q: How much does a sponsored article cost? And are there discounts?

Sponsored articles cost $3,000 each, and discounts are available when several posts are purchased as part of a single buy.