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Why Email Marketing?

Email provides a direct connection with B2B industrial and technology decision-makers like no other medium. We have the ability to deliver your message to the right prospects, as we possess information about their workplace, industry, job role, job title, type of engineer they are, and even their preferences in terms of media consumption. Email deployments are priced per unique email, making them a highly cost-effective option on a per-contact basis.

Engage with our highly attentive audience and:

  • Introduce new products or updates
  • Invite them to attend your upcoming event, either in person or online
  • Encourage their participation in your market research
  • Share your white papers, eBooks, research, and applications

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Newsletter Coverage

Over 268 thousand engineers, designers, and managers subscribe to email alerts from  We author multiple newsletters engineering professionals can subscribe to, each of which focuses on a particular industry segment or technology. These newsletters are relied upon by engineering decision-makers to keep them abreast of the latest trends and developments in their field, providing them with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. 

Industry Segment/Technology Circulation† Frequency
Industry Segment/Technology Engineering News 69,811 Frequency Weekly
Industry Segment/Technology Engineering Careers Circulation† 58,323 Frequency Quarterly
3D Design Circulation† 31,628 Frequency Weekly
Industry Segment/Technology 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing Circulation† 16,680 Frequency Monthly
Industry Segment/Technology Education/Student Advice Circulation† 12,342 Frequency Monthly
Industry Segment/Technology Advanced Manufacturing 22,503 Frequency Weekly
Industry Segment/Technology PLM/ERP Circulation† 10,292 Frequency Monthly
Industry Segment/Technology Electronics Circulation† 12,219 Frequency Monthly
Industry Segment/Technology Internet of Things Circulation† 9,965 Frequency Monthly
Industry Segment/TechnologyDigital Transformation Circulation† New & Growing Frequency Monthly
Industry Segment/Technology BIM 5,346 Frequency Monthly
Industry Segment/Technology Computing 8,439 Frequency Monthly
Industry Segment/Technology Off Topic New & Growing Frequency Monthly
Industry Segment/Technology TenLinks Daily Circulation† 35,060 Frequency Daily
Eng-Tips Community Updates 163,383 Weekly

†Current as of July 2023

Proudly Used by Industry Leaders
  • microsoft
  • xometry
  • Chemours
  • HP
  • Epic Games

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Email Mkt TN-L

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