Connect to the world’s largest community of engineers, designers and industrial & technology decision makers’s mission is to inform and inspire engineering professionals the world over. Our experienced editorial staff composed of engineers, former C-suite industry insiders and career industrial and technology journalists accomplishes this by producing the finest engineering editorial content.  Not only do we produce the highest quality editorial content, but we also publish more content than any other engineering trade publication, print or digital. Each year, we publish over 1,000 articles and several hundred videos, white papers and research reports, as well as hosting regular webinars attended by thousands of engineers annually. 

The audience is made up of millions of engineers representing the biggest and most successful technology, manufacturing and software companies in the world. They visit to learn about the latest news affecting their industry, learn about new products and technology and to download resources to make their work easier. 

Engineers trust, and that’s why marketers looking to earn the interest of engineering professionals trust us to help them tell their stories, build awareness of their products and generate leads.  We work with companies across the engineering world, from the Fortune 500 to the latest hot start-ups.  Regardless of who we’re working with, our goal is the same – to connect your brand with the engineers who will benefit from your product, helping you find new customers and helping engineers find the best tools to perform their best work. 

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ProjectBoard is the place for STEM minds to share ideas, take action and solve problems big and small.  Made up of engineers, scientists, mathematicians and those who just love working on STEM projects, this interactive community works collaboratively to design solutions to real world problems through technology. 

The ProjectBoard team is driven to help the community innovate new technology and continue to grow by providing them a digital suite of tools that makes problem solving both fun and easy.  With innovative features such as its whiteboard, the platform allows community members to brainstorm, chat, sketch, post links, upload files, share and export from their desktop, laptop or mobile device. 

Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what STEM minds can do, ProjectBoard is constantly adding new features and tools to make collaborative problem solving easier, including developing AI to connect community members with similar interests.

For organizations looking to foster innovation and interest in the STEM community, ProjectBoard is a unique opportunity to connect and engage. 


Founded in 1997 by engineers for engineers, Eng-Tips is the largest and most active engineering message board in the world.  It is a hub of highly technical information, with nearly fifty thousand engineering professionals visiting daily looking for input, feedback and advice from their peers.  Thanks to Eng-Tips’ loyal and dedicated user base, inquiring engineers receive the guidance they need, enticing many to join and contribute themselves.

With almost 400 specialized forums, Eng-Tips covers every imaginable aspect of engineering.  Members come from all over the world and from every discipline. Eng-Tips members are found working across sectors and industries, from job shops to the largest engineering, software, and manufacturing multinationals.  


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