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Future Series Webshows!

We have recently launched two new offerings running on our new engineering.com/tv platform called "Designing the Future" and "Manufacturing the Future." Both are presented in quarterly "seasons" that are professionally moderated in 30-minute sessions. We showcase your business and technical leaders who share their vision and ideas about design and manufacturing innovation, and emerging trends.

Example of Manufacturing the Future Episode

Designing the Future Explainer

Manufacturing the Future is hosted by well-known manufacturing expert Jim Anderton. As our Director of Content and former editor of Canadian Metalworking Magazine, Jim has contributed to a wide range of leading industry publications and has experience in quality and part design with a Tier 1 automotive supplier.


Designing the Future is hosted by Michael Alba, Michael is the senior editor of engineering.com. He writes about design software, computer hardware, and other engineering topics. Michael holds a degree in engineering physics from the University of Alberta.

Our product features
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Our talented team has created engineering and manufacturing video content for decades and specializes in high-impact webshow production. We can create engaging live content remotely, in-studio, on-location, and even at trade shows or other events. (note: due to the pandemic, most current filming is remote but remains highly-polished and seamless.)
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Give a brief description of an important product feature. Keep these sections clear and concise.
A brief, yet compelling title
Give a brief description of an important product feature. Keep these sections clear and concise.
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Ready to Talk "Future Series" Webshows?

We’re all about helping you reach engineers, designers, and other technical prospects. If you want to discuss in more detail how we can help you do that with our new Future Series Webshows, simply fill out the form below  and we’ll be in touch right away!

Webshows Marketing F.A.Q.

Q: Where can people watch my Webshow episode?

Future Series Webshows are stored for years on the engineering.com/tv platform website.  There are dedicated sections for "Designing the Future" and "Manufacturing the Future."  As new webshow series become available in the future, they will be handled in the same way

Q: How does engineering.com promote the event?

Like many of our services, we work very hard to drive attendance before the event to maximize the number of live participants. We promote the event across all engineering.com assets and channels - including email communications, social media, and the website.
You will also want to promote the event to your clients and prospects through your marketing efforts.

Q: Will I get a copy of the recorded Webshow episode?

Yes, we're happy to provide you with a copy of your webshow recording to use it as part of your ongoing marketing efforts.

Q: How do Webshows work with other types of content marketing?

Webshows have strong synergies with other marketing content, including research, white papers, articles, and product landing pages. This series was created with your thought leadership content in mind. Our goal is to help you boost awareness of your visionaries on our platform and then link interested parties back to content on your site (blogs, videos, podcasts).

Q: Do I get a list of people who registered for the event?

To maintain the sanctity of our relationships with engineering.com followers, and for privacy reasons - we cannot do this. However, we do offer email and other direct communication services to let you reach your specific audience.

Q: How much do the Future Series Webshows cost?

We sell our "Future Series" webshow episodes for $3,000 each. Talk with one of our Account Managers to learn more about format, availability and to discuss topics.