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Five New Campaign Ideas to Juice Your Engineering Marketing Success


This is the time of year when engineering marketers are looking for new campaign ideas. The_Penny_Drops-1.png  Sometimes it’s
because their year-to-date results are falling short. Sometimes they are looking to experiment before committing to their 2017 budgets.  Either way, they want to know what’s new that they can test. 

When it comes to trying new ideas, we’ve tried plenty: from video series to contests, from users surveys to graphic novels (don’t call them comic books!).


By their nature, new ideas don’t always work.  Here are five proven campaign ideas that you may not have tried:


  1. If you want to know how your prospects evaluate products like yours, a survey can provide you excellent insights. You can then turn the survey results into a research report and/or a webinar that you can use to drive leads, or to feed future blog topics. This is not as intimidating a project as it sounds.


  1. Native ads. Lots of marketers ask us about native advertising, and everyone seems to have a different definition of what it means. In the publishing business, most native advertising refers to display (banner) ads that are placed to look like part of the editorial.  We have experimented with these ads for certain campaigns and it has worked well, achieving higher click-through-rates than traditional banners.


  1. Sponsored content. Many times sponsored stories come up in the same conversation as native advertising.  We consider sponsored stories as those that marketers want to ensure make it into the media stream, so they pay a fee to the publisher to ensure that these stories get told.  Typically, a sponsor connects a subject matter expert or one of their customers to a publisher who interviews the person to get the story.


  1. Video series. While video content is nothing new, there are many marketers who have yet to test the waters in a serious way. Creating a video series that addresses the challenges of your target audience in an entertaining way can create lasting value for your brand.


  1. Search-based lead generation programs. Many publishers have developed tools or catalogs that are designed to be found by engineers when they are doing searches.  GlobalSpec and ThomasNet both come to mind as catalogues that essentially moved online.  Other more targeted tools are also constantly being launched to meet the needs of audiences and advertisers.  We have launched a couple ourselves for Masters of Engineering degrees and 3D Printers.


No doubt I’ve missed some of your favorite new ways to reach an engineering audience. If so, let me know.



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