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Why packaged solutions work in the computer hardware industry

Why packed solutions work in computer hardware for engineers

More and more businesses today look for end-to-end packaged solutions, rather than single products to satisfy their needs. Specialty online retailers in the business of computer workstations for engineers, such as Titanus Computers, BOXX Technologies and SellCAD have taken advantage of this trend, while others still have some adapting to do.

Why does packaged solution selling work in this industry?

1. End-to-end solution sellers provide more comprehensive customer care

A CAD workstation is an important purchase for engineering businesses. Companies, especially SMBs, will consider the entire lifetime of the CAD workstation when making buying decision. For example, a list of what SMB clients look for include: delivery time, leasing options, return policy, technical support, training options, and warranty options.

In industries where training, maintenance and downtime is costly, vendors offering end-to-end solutions are preferred.

This is why vendors must emphasize post-purchase workstations management, integrated workstation solutions and technical support.

2. End-to-end solution sellers deliver faster turnaround time and cost effectiveness

Of the end-to-end solution sellers we’ve examined, a large number of them are second-tier suppliers. They differentiate by targeting a niche geography, and by offering more and faster service. For some time-sensitive industries such as manufacturing or operations, this may increasingly become an especially important feature.

3. IT is not the only decision maker in buying a CAD workstations

For such a customized, speciality purchase, the end user (that is, the design engineer) often has an opportunity to be more involved in the decision. IT will rely on their input to determine configuration and vendors.

So it is important for hardware parts distributors such as Dell, HP and Lenovo to find solutions to remain top-of-mind with their technology and design engineering audience.

What does it mean for hardware vendors?

Speciality computers, such as workstations optimized for CAD and CAE attract a technical audience that takes an integrative view on solutions.

For computer hardware manufacturers, this means a bullet-proof branding strategy to remain top-of-mind with your audience. And increasing competitiveness in the parts market means that manufacturers must take on a more proactive role in advertising their own workstation solutions to engineers.

For workstation retailers, this means effective communication to your potential customers of your customized solutions to their needs.

What are your thoughs on this? Let me know in the comments. 




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