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Surveys can help you create outstanding downloadable content for your prospects


Some of our best customers have asked for help in creating downloadable content that they can use to drive leads. 

Since I’m a bit of a data nerd (as many of you already know), I offered to create surveys that would provide insights for their prospects.  We then turned those surveys into research reports that we put behind a gated form to drive leads.

And here’s a cool thing that happened.  The marketers were able to use the survey to ask about the business concerns of their prospects.  Questions like, “Do you have this specific pain point that our solution addresses,” gave them insights into the buying behavior of their prospects in the same survey as we used to generate a valuable white paper for those prospects. 

It worked like this.  First, we brainstormed with the marketer to identify topics that the prospects would like to learn more about.  At the same time, we identified attributes of a good prospect, such as certain industries and application problems. 

Then we crafted a survey for the marketer to review.  We asked things like:

  • How does your product development team use simulation software?
  • What is the average age of machines on your line?
  • How many different CAM packages does your company use, and which ones?
  • Is factory productivity a top priority for you in the next 18 months?

Once we were all satisfied that we would get the data we needed, created and promoted the survey to a pool of target prospects – those people who would be best informed about how the product could be used.

The response sets ranged anywhere from 50 – 250 responses. analyzed the results and created summary reports.  These reports were first offered to the people who participated in the survey and then offered to an extended audience. In some cases, we hosted a webinar to drive even more leads and wrote stories to spread the word further. 

So from a single survey, we were able to get the following assets:

  • White Paper
  • Webinar
  • Stories

The marketer was also able to ask those critical questions that would identify the best prospects from the audience.

Since it worked so well, we’ve decided to offer this survey and research report service more formally.  Let me know if you are interested, or download our guide to survey and research reports to learn more.



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