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How will Engineering Marketers Allocate their Budgets in 2017?

Marketing Campaign Plans Image.jpgDo you want to know what techniques engineering marketers are investing in for 2017?

Of course you do!

The price for getting this information is small - just complete this short survey.

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Once we analyze the results, we’ll share with you all the insights into how other engineering marketers are planning their budgets for next year.

For instance, last year we learned that engineering marketers were planning to increase their spending on email, a technique that many pundits had written off.  Sure enough, we did see an increase in email spending in 2016 over 2015.  In fact, when we ran a user survey, we found that 97% of engineers will consider any email that reaches them. 

Survey Blog Graph.jpg

This email is a good example of why your participation in this survey is so important. Engineers don’t behave like other demographics, so you can’t generalize the results of other B2B surveys to engineers.

Last year we learned things like:

  • Budgets for most engineering marketers were either higher than the prior year or holding steady
  • Print spending was no longer declining because it was already at rock bottom
  • Webinars were the new hotness for 2016

This year, we hope to learn even more, for example:

  • How much money is going to social media
  • Whether content marketing is paying off
  • What off-line activities are ranked at the top to reach engineers

Please take a few minutes to share your perspective. Sharing this information is the best way we can think of to improve success for all engineering marketers.

This is the fourth year we have run this survey, and it is now the de facto standard survey for engineering marketers. The results will show you what channels and marketing strategies are paying off and where other engineering marketers are spending their budgets. But first, we need your help to complete the survey. We’ll anonymize the data and share the results with you in a webinar and eBook early in the New Year.

And we’ll enter you in a draw to win one of three Amazon $100 gift cards, so there’s that too.

Take the Survey

I can’t wait to see how things have changed for 2017. Will marketers keep spending on search? Are they having more success with Facebook and Linkedin? Or are those platforms no longer as valuable as they were? Did webinars prove their value in 2016? Are more marketers being measured on pipeline as compared to leads? 

This doesn’t take a ton of time, less than 10 minutes. By completing the survey, you’ll be helping to advance the collective knowledge of engineering marketers.



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