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How to Tell a Good Story to Engineers

How do you tell a good story to engineers?

Lisa had a frustrating morning.  There were the usual minor annoyances, like finding the toilet seat up and dishes on the counter instead of in the dishwasher.  Then on the way to work she couldn’t remember whether she let the dog out.  That oversight could have messy consequences.

Things didn’t improve when she got to work.  It’s budget season and Lisa still doesn’t have a way to prove how her marketing efforts are generating sales.  That has been a constant underlying source of stress around the office.  The sales guys don’t really track and report where they got their leads, and they usually overstate how hard they worked to create those leads themselves.  That behavior doesn’t sit well with Lisa.

If you can relate to the start of this story, that’s no accident. This story is written for a specific persona: an engineering marketer in her mid-career.

We believe that writing for specific personas (in your case engineers rather than marketers) will make your marketing campaigns more effective.

It’s no secret that inbound marketing demands content.  Engineering marketers report that creating content is one of the biggest challenges they face, second only to “not enough budget”.  On November 10th 2015 Shawn Fitzgerald of Thomasnet RPM will be co-hosting a webinar with me to help you address this challenge.  It’s called Telling a good engineering story to generate leadsI hope you can join us. 

During the webinar Shawn will cover persona targeting for manufacturing companies, drawing information from their expertise with dozens of manufacturing clients. For example, he’ll outline the differences between a design engineer and a buyer and how they look for different types of information.

    Design engineer persona    Procurement buyer persona


I will also share some of the writing secrets that have helped the website grow its audience to almost 1M visits per month.  We’ll talk about:

  • Identifying the persona early in the story
  • How to make your product stories relevant to engineers
  • Why you need to start each story with “what” rather than “who”
  • The importance of imagery
  • And lots more.

As usual, if you can’t join live please sign up anyway so we can send you a link to the recorded version.



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