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Farewell Engineering Marketers

Astronaut Walking AwayI started the Digital Marketing for Engineers blog years ago to document the marketing tactics we were testing at My hope was that by sharing this information, other marketers would be willing to share as well, and we would all advance our knowledge.

It’s worked out pretty well. This community of marketers has proven willing to share information on important things like what campaigns have worked for you and where you allocate your annual budgets.

The other gratifying thing about this community has been the number of connections we have made with each other. Our webinar last month on the information habits of engineers had over 300 registrants. This is a testament to how willing this community is to suffer through 45 minutes of charts and graphs showing tons of data all with an eye to keeping current on how consumption patterns among your prospects are changing.

I have really enjoyed connecting personally with so many of you and working on campaigns that we have run at You have driven us to invent new products to create an ever-deeper connection between your brands and our audience.

My approach to writing the blog has been heavy on data, and my writing style is admittedly a bit dry, so I was happy to find so many of you who are willing to slog through the posts to get to the facts about your prospects’ behavior.

The Digital Marketing for Engineers blog will carry on, now in the capable hands of Andrew McWhaw who has worked closely with me for a few years. Thankfully (or maybe not), he is just as big a data nerd as me.

I’m moving on to a new role in a marketing technology company – It’s not engineering marketing, but it is still marketing and there will still be data. Maybe I’ll be back in a guest post!

All the best for your campaigns in 2019 and beyond. Thanks for reading and sharing,



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