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Advertising with an Engineering Publication - Does Size Matter?

When choosing and engineering pub to advertise with - does size matter?


This is a tough time for many engineering publications. The marketers they serve - you! - are becoming more savvy. And more demanding.

Marketing executives are demanding more transparency and return on marketing investments. Marketers now require that publications give them more reach, lead generation and tracking of article views. This is where most print publications find themselves falling short: they lack the metrics, ROI tracking and flexibility that digital media companies can deliver. Smaller digital publications are also at risk of falling short of customer expectations as they struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of technology advances.

Here are a just a few of the services that larger engineering digital publications can offer that are difficult for smaller digital or print publications to match.

1. Breadth of services. 

Smaller companies and print media have to make campaigns fit their formats. That can make it difficult for them to offer the latest services, such as distributing stories via social media or hosting webinars. 

2. Innovative campaigns. 

Larger companies have the resources to take some risks with their advertising customers.  When a creative marketer comes up with an idea, larger companies can invest in an experiment and share the risk with the advertiser. 

3. Reach across a broad range of industries and job roles., for example, now reaches more than 3 million unique visitors per month across all properties.  This reach allows marketers to select a target audience from a range of industries, interests and roles.

4. Technology infrastructure and data security.

 In this day and age, it is unacceptable for emails to go out at the wrong time or be poorly formatted, or for a web site to be unresponsive.  Larger companies can afford to have a dedicated technology team.

5. Segmented and detailed analytics. 

Print media is good at maintaining their databases of contacts.  Smaller digital publications find this tough to match.  Larger digital publications, however, have an advantage over both in that they can access a large pool of detailed profiles ( sees more several hundred new members every day) without the cost structure of a print magazine. 

6. Larger team of campaign experts. 

Whether your marketing campaign calls for a creative new content stream, social media reach, or lead nurturing through several stages of engagement, larger publications have resources who have done this before.


15.04.23_body grows

This week announced the acquisition of Tenlinks, a leading web publication that serves engineers in the CAD/CAM/CAE space.  Last year we acquired Eng-Tips, a forum for engineering professionals.  What’s the point of merging our audience and offerings?

  1. We can provide a better experience for our engineering audience by offering mobile ready sites, more articles, and a superior recommendation engine
  2. Advertisers have access to a larger audience and a superior platform from which to engage

I expect that we will see more consolidation among engineering publications.  There are just too many benefits to the audience and to the advertisers for these deals to stop happening.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.



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