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Content Marketing to Automotive Engineers


Targeting your prospects’ pain points is a tried and trueway to make sure your marketing campaign will resonate.
If you are targeting automotive engineers, our recent survey results can help.


We asked 70 automotive engineers to name the greatest challenges facing their industry. 

Their biggest worries are market pressures from electric and autonomous vehicles, closely followed by concerns with internal company issues. 

When we dug a little deeper we discovered an interesting relationship between these two seemingly unrelated problems. Younger engineers see the problem differently than their bosses.




The following chart sets out the responses of Automotive engineers to the question, “What is the most important problem or challenge facing your industry?” We then categorized their typed-in responses into buckets like “market pressures”, “cost pressures”, and so on.



You can see from the chart that market pressures were the biggest complaint.  When we read the specific statements, the most commonly cited market pressures were related to the changes forced by the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles. One senior automotive engineer cited the industry’s number one problem as the “electrical battery.”

The second most common concerns were company-specific issues. The typical response was something like, “management quality” or “knowing when is the right time to invest in R&D as they relate to market innovation.”

Let’s peel this down one further level and isolate complaints for EVs & autonomous vehicles by age of the automotive engineer:


Those are some pretty drastic splits.  Older engineers are more than 3x more worried about EVs and autonomous vehicles than their younger counterparts.  Younger engineers are nearly 2x more worried about the choices their management are making than their older counterparts. 

The value for marketers is understanding that maybe these aren’t two drastically different trends but the same trend being expressed in two different ways.  Older engineers, those in senior positions, are worried about the magnitude of the changes that EVs and autonomous vehicles represent, and about their company’s ability to adapt.  Younger engineers are worried that those guiding their organizations aren’t equipped to handle what could be the biggest shift in the auto industry since the invention of the assembly line. 

So as a marketer what can you do?

  • Position your product or service as helping engineers adjust to the changes being brought on by EVs and autonomous vehicles.
  • Speak to each groups’ worries – competitiveness for the older engineers, sellable to management for the fresh faces

 I hope you found these insights useful.  Share your comments if you see a different interpretation.


In the coming weeks we will be analyzing the concerns of engineers in other industries, so keep an eye open for that.  We’ll also be sharing all these insights in our Marketing Research Report: How Engineers Find Information, which you can reserve a copy of today. 


Thanks for reading, 



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