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Beyond mobile marketing: driving cross-screen engagement in your engineering audience

Engineering apps
There are hundreds of engineering apps for iOS and Android.

More and more, each mobile device is playing a different role in your customers’ buying journey.

Marketers can benefit from learning about the different ways customers interact with their PCs/laptops, tablets and smartphones in each step of the marketing funnel.

In an earlier post we examined how you can ramp up your mobile strategy, so now let’s take a look at the different ways your customers use their mobile devices: (some facts are drawn from Google’s report on cross-platform consumer behaviour)


  • In multiscreen users, smartphones now hold the largest share of screen time - according to Millward Brown, 147 minutes a day - which is more than TVs (113 minutes), laptops (108 minutes), and tablets (50 minutes).
  • Your customers are likely to use smartphones when to feel connected, get quick access to information, and when they are away from their desks

Multi-screen marketing and the Marketing Funnel
Phones and tablets are likely to be more top of funnel devices compared to desktops and laptops.


  • Tablets are primarily used for entertainment at home

  • Tablets, along with smartphones, are likely to be devices your customers use when browsing your top of funnel content


  • ComScore research data shows that desktop users are most likely to purchase: they have a buyer penetration of 79%. As such desktops and laptops are likely to be bottom on funnel devices 
  • Your customers are likely to use a PC or laptop in their home or office. These are the devices they use for research or when they need to spend time and focus

Given how engineers use these devices, marketers may want to consider aligning content to each platform. For example, a content delivery app could help you reach engineers who are using smartphones. If you want to reach tablet users, consider video delivery apps or games. And if you need to reach engineers when they are on their computers (and who doesn’t?) that’s the time to develop your brand as the go-to for in-depth, relevant content.

Done well, creating a holistic multiple channel strategy can help you reach engineers, regardless of where they are or which device they are using.

If you would like some help reaching an engineering audience, download this media guide to see how we can help you plan your content, media and advertising strategy across multiple screens.

See our media guide



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