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Engineering.com Offers a Huge Pool of Young Engineering Professionals
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An engineering.com article builds awareness and interest with our engineers in your Master’s program and guides them to the Master’s Discovery Tool then onto your website. You are welcome to use our article for reference in your marketing campaigns.

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Engineers looking to pursue further studies visit engineering.com’s education section to learn about the programs distinguishing themselves through research, innovation, competitions, and awards.
7,000+ Engineers Have Already Used the Tool to Find the Best School For Them
By their nature, engineers will thoroughly research and analyze their options before pursuing a master's degree. The Master's Discovery Tool makes that information gathering much easier, making it a popular choice for engineers serious about going back to school.
What is the Master’s Discovery Tool?

The Master’s Discovery Tool helps working engineers advance their careers by finding and selecting between engineering master’s degree programs.Users answer a few simple questions about their background, educational objectives, and program preferences and receive personalized reports of the best programs and schools for them.

For marketers looking to drive enrollment to their engineering programs, the Master's Discovery Tool is a platform to access the largest audience of engineers in the world, engineering.com.

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How the Master's Discovery Tool Works

The engineer interested in pursuing a graduate degree provides their background, education objectives, and program preferences. 


The Master’s Discovery Tool matches the engineer to the program and institutions that will be the best fit.


They are provided a personalized report containing:

  • A list of schools and programs that fit their needs
  • A detailed description of each program
  • Information on the courses available to them at each school
  • Interviews and testimonials from faculty and students
  • Contact information so that they can follow up and ask questions

You’ll be provided with weekly reports of all the engineers who match with your program and their contact information so that you can reach out and continue to market your
school to them.

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Master's Discovery Tool F.A.Q.

Q: How is the Master's Discovery Tool organized?

The Master's Discovery Tool is organized by discipline.  The first step an engineer takes in their Master's Discovery Tool discovery process is selecting the field of engineering they're most interested in.  From there, additional questions are asked to help them find
their ideal program.

Q: What if my school has multiple programs we'd like to promote?

There is no limit to the number of programs you can promote with the Master's Discovery Tool.   We even offer promotional pricing for institutions that advertise 2 or more programs.

Q: I like the idea of promoting my program in an engineering.com article. 
     Am I limited to one?

No.  We can write any number of sponsored articles about your school, its programs, or its activities.  

Q: How much does it cost to have my program added to the Master's Discovery Tool?

For the first program in the tool the cost is $5,000.  For each additional program the price is $2,500.