Research Report:
Engineering Marketers' 2017 Spending Plans:
How, Where, and Why Marketers are Allocating Budget

Understanding how your competitors are allocating budget is critical to your own marketing success.  To assist engineering marketers in their understanding of the competitive landscape, we annually survey the profession to discover how marketers are planning to spend their budget for the coming year.  

In 2017, marketers reported working with larger budgets and that content marketing has achieved legitimacy in 87% of engineering marketing departments. 

Key findings of the report include:

  • What tactics are consuming the most budget vs. delivering the most value in 2017
  • What are the major challenges engineering marketers are facing this year 
  • How is spending shifting - what tactics are now marketing darlings and what tactics are yesterday's news
  • How are the top performing marketers outperforming their competition - what tactics are they relying on that others are ignoring

The report's findings have been review by the experts of ThomasNet RPM, TREW Marketing, Tiecas Inc., & who have provide additional analysis and marketing guidance.