Research Report: Industrial & Technology
Marketing Trends 2019

The Tactics & Channels Marketers are Investing in to Win in 2019

What will marketing to industrial and technology prospects look like in 2019?

To answer that question surveyed 113 industrial and technology marketing professionals on their marketing plans, objectives, and challenges for 2019.  

The study's participants represented companies in manufacturing, software, and other engineering related fields, from rapidly growing startups to companies at the top of the Fortune 500.  Cumulatively, they managed total budgets in excess of $85M.

In the pages of this report, we'll reveal:

  • What activities and channels these marketers find most effective in sourcing new customers.
  • The tactics they're relying on to achieve their 2019 marketing objectives and what those objectives are.
  • How marketers inform their content, and what types of content marketers say are worthy of more investment and which ones are not.
  • The current state of technology and industrial marketing as measured by year-over-year budget growth, goals, and challenges.

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