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chip’s Electronics section features news and articles of interest to design and electronics engineers. It also includes case studies and blog posts that show electronics components designers how to get the most out of the latest technology. The content is rounded out with news, videos and jobs in the Electronics Design industry.


Our Electronics section is the perfect place to begin a conversation with this targeted market and drive leads into the sales funnel.


We offer a holistic marketing strategy to address branding and awareness efforts and demand generation initiatives. services for electronics companies include:



Awareness strategies include banner advertisements, email blasts, and content promotion, including sponsored posts and video sponsorship.


Demand Generation efforts include our cost-per-lead, or targeted eBlasts to help drive qualified leads into the marketing and sales funnel.


Creation for brand awareness and demand generation can include custom video series, written content, and webinars.


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Clients reaching our highly segmented audience include:

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