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New! 2018 Budget Trends in Industrial & Technology Marketing

Over 100 industrial and technology marketers working with total budgets in excess of 41 million dollars told us what worked in 2017, what didn't, and where they're planning on spending in 2018.  Get benchmarks for marketing in your industry and learn the challenges and opportunities your competitors are facing wit this research report.

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Survey Research Reports

2018 Market Research Report: How Engineers Find Information

1,187 engineers responded to our survey on how they search for and consume engineering content.  This year's report goes further than previous years, also examining what content formats engineers prefer - critical information for marketers planning their next marketing campaign.  

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Engineering Marketers' 2017 Spending Plans: How, Where, and Why Marketers are Allocating Budget

This year 85 Engineering Marketers took our Annual Budget Survey and pullled back the curtain to let us know about their 2017 budgets.  Learn where your peers are spending their marketing dollars in 2017 and what they learned about the effectiveness of various marketing tactics in 2016.   


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2016 Market Research Report - How Engineers Find Information 

More than 1000 engineers responded to's survey on their content consumptions habits. Engineers remain avid consumers of information, but their methods and formats of consumption are changing.  Find out how by downloading this research report, including analysis from, Tiecas, TREW, and ThomasNet.


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Research report: engineering marketers' 2016 campaign plans

More than 100 engineering marketers shared their plans for 2016. They say it will be a big year. Download the research report to see survey results, including analysis from, Tiecas, TREW Marketing and ThomasNet RPM.


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Content and Online Marketing to Engineers 2015 Research Report

How do engineers respond to content and online marketing? This research report surveyed 580 engineers to provide conclusive, actionable data for marketers to effectively implement online and content marketing campaigns to target engineering audiences. 


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Marketing for Engineers Survey Results, 2014

What are engineering marketers planning for 2014? We conducted a survey of engineering marketers to get input on marketing trends and plans for budgetary spending. This 15-page report is full of charts, graphs and valuable insights.


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How to Optimize Digital Marketing to Engineers

This guide highlights best practices on how to use the Internet to advertise to engineers and other technical audiences.


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Video Marketing to Engineers

Ready to rock some great video? We wrote the Video Marketing for Engineers eBook to help marketers create great videos that turn engineers into customers. This 45-page book is full of charts, pictures and step-by-step guides.


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2018 Engineering Marketers' Budget & Campaign Plans 2018

In this webinar, we shared the results of a survey of more than 100 engineering marketers working with over 41M in total marketing budget. They revealed what's working, what isn't, and what marketing activities look most promising in 2018.

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2018 Where Engineers Get Their Information - A Guide for Marketers

We asked 1,187 engineers what they wanted in their marketing content.  Join John Hayes and special guest Chris Turner from Business Advantage as they discuss our findings and what it means for marketers planning their strategy for 2018 and beyond.  

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2017 Where Engineers Get Their Information - A Guide for Marketers

More than 1000 engineers responded to's survey on their content consumptions habits. We've distilled all that data into a 1-hour webinar that will help engineering marketers better understand their target markets and refine their marketing strategy.   
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Engineering marketers' 2016 campaign plans

Marketers who have engineers in their target audience: how your peers are planning their 2016 year. What are they spending the most budget on, and how does it compare with previous years? What are the biggest marketing challenges to engaging engineers anticipated for 2016?

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How to Tell a Good Engineering Story to Generate Leads

In this webinar, industrial marketers hear from marketing leaders at THomasNet RPM and about how to write for different manufacturing personas, how to tell stories to effectively engage an engineering audience, and how to create and deliver effective calls-to-action for engineers.

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Content and Online Marketing to Engineers and TREW Marketing co-hosted a special webcast in September 2015 to discuss how engineers respond to content and online marketing. They analyze survey results from the 2015 Content and Online Marketing to Engineers Research Report and engage with marketers to discuss how to apply results to their specific business needs.


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Success with Digital Marketing - A Roadmap for Manufacturers and Industrial Marketers and Tiecas Inc co-hosted a special webinar in August 2015 to discuss how to make a case for digital marketing as a industrial marketer. In the webinar, they presented a roadmap to using digital marketing to reach target buyers and key decision makers in a manufacturing and industrial setting. 


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Engineering Marketers' 2015 Campaign Plans

Find out what your fellow engineering marketers are planning (or NOT planning) in 2015. You'll learn about the differences between how top marketers and laggards spend their budget, what types of content are most popular for an engineering audience, and more.


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Engineering Marketers' 2014 Campaign Plans

Find out the results of the 2014 Engineering Marketer survey and gain insights on what marketers planned for 2014. Look back to see how spending was different in 2014 to help you optimize your marketing spending.


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