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Manufacturing buying habits are going digital

Manufacturing customer buying habits are moving online, and hopefully so has your media budget.  For companies trying to catch up, the justification process for online media with leadership can be challenging to say the least.  And for those already leveraging digital, measuring return on investment has proven to be a challenge.

Google ads aren’t the silver bullet, and with Google algorithm updates organic traffic is becoming a mystery as more search terms are being hidden.

At the end of the day you need to be top of mind with your target audience, and continually fill the sales funnel with new pipeline from marketing qualified leads.

See how we help marketers reach this goal:

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Manufacturing editoral for engineers delivers editorial coverage in these areas of manufacturing:

Manufacturing editorial mission:

To educate and inform manufacturing engineering professionals about the technologies and techniques that they need to succed in a global and competitive world. manufacturing audience:

The Advanced Manufacturing editorial section creates daily content, allowing marketers a better way to connect to:

  • Design engneers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Plant managaers
  • Product specifiers
  • Quality experts

How we help marketers

Brand awareness

Branding will increase online exposure of your content and allow you to stay in front of your target audience.  By leveraging our multi-channel content distribution network, we can ensure the content you have created receives the views it deserves, helping you towards an ROI.  If creating engaging content is a struggle, we can assist here also. 

Awareness initiatives include:

Leads and pipeline generation

A common struggle for marketers is balancing lead volume and lead quality.  We can lend our experience, portfolio and audience segments to deliver quality leads at a manageable rate for manufacturing sales teams.  Our lead generation solutions include:

By placing gated content on you leverage our knowledge through a campaign manager for lead generation who will segment and promote over web, email, social and mobile channels. Your assets will also feed into our Recommendation Engine which serves up content to those researching similar topics, capturing a targeting audience while they are gathering information. 


Our Customers


Some of the clients we've worked with include: 



Resources for marketers


Download the Advanced Manufacturing Media Guide

Download: Advanced Manufacturing Media Guide »

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Success with Digital Marketing - A Roadmap for Manufacturers and Industrial Marketers and Tiecas Inc co-hosted a special webinar in August 2015 to discuss how to make a case for digital marketing as a industrial marketer. In the webinar, they presented a roadmap to using digital marketing to reach target buyers and key decision makers in a manufacturing and industrial setting. 




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