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Computer and High Tech companies require brand awareness and qualified leads to meet revenue growth objectives.  By ensuring designers and their management are aware of the performance and possible productivity gains, these companies position themselves into the purchasing and decision making stages.   

With a premium placed on campaign performance, marketers now need credible publishers that can deliver access to a targeted audience of engineering, design and IT decision makers.  Marketers need publishers that push the boundaries of both digital creation and distribution to engage this audience where and how they prefer to consume content.  This is where we can help. reaches millions of engineers and decision makers monthly in a range of industries across websites, email, social media and our mobile applications. 

ProductMatrix1To assist with Brand Awareness, strategies include banner advertisements, email blasts, content promotion, written posts  and video sponsorship.

To drive qualified leads into the funnel, Demand Generation tactics include our cost-per-lead, webinars, and targeted eBlasts products.

And for marketing teams that require content assets but don’t have the resources or time to create engaging pieces, our cost effective Creation offerings can help including custom video, games, written content, and webinars.


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