and TREW Marketing 2015 survey of engineers

On-Demand Webcast: 2015 Content and Online Marketing Survey to Engineers & TREW Marketing Discuss Survey Findings

On-demand webinar, slide deck and survey results


How do engineers respond to content and online marketing?


In the webcast, the CEOs of and TREW Marketing will speak to marketers specifically targeting highly technical audiences on the most effective ways to do marketing.

Your presenters

John Hayes, to speak in live webcast with TREW Marketing                 Rebecca Geier, TREW Marketing to speak in live webcast with

John Hayes
Author, Digital Marketing for Engineers

  Rebecca Geier
CEO and Co-Founder, TREW Marketing 
Author, Smart Marketing Blog



This webcast will reveal insights and analysis from the survey, including:

  1. What content engineers trust and how they look for it online
  2. Engineers' behaviors toward traditional marketing channels
  3. How engineers' behaviors have changed with the advent of modern channels, and how do engineers now engage with them